T20 Blast 2023 Betting Sites

Isha Pokhriyal
August 24, 2020
T20 Blast Betting Sites

Best T20 Blast Betting Sites

Cricket and its popularity isn’t just limited to India but all over the world. Cricket which is basically an English game by origin is now a sport celebrated worldwide. With the changing times, the cricket has revamped itself to various forms. We started with ODI of 50 overs to T20 of 20 overs the newest edition added on the list. Since we all are actually rolling into very advanced and unique generation things are getting better and quicker now. One such form of T20 is T20 Blast.

T20 Blast Betting Sites

T20 Blast is a cricket league that takes place across England and Wales to be specific. This game was established in the year of 2013 and the first-ever match was played in the year of 2014. Basically this game was announced as the replacement of Friends Life T20. This cup is remembered in the history for its most diverse domestic cricket format in European cricket history. In the past 7 years of the tournament, they have literally got their 6 winners in the row.

This T20 tournament involves 18 teams which different parts of England and Wales. They all are divided by two different clubs representing north and south which overall have 9 teams each. It starts with a group stage wherein each team plays against 6 other teams in their group and singles against the remaining two teams.

T20 Blast Teams

Now since you are aware of the game and almost have and a rough idea on the same it’s crucial to be updated this years season. So as of the confirmed for this year for T20 Blast 2020 is about to start from AUG 27 to OCT 3, people are all set to enjoy the same. Undoubtedly as we all know how diverse and most exciting tournaments this is. As for the records the teams that are going to play for this season are mentioned below:

T20 Blast Teams

  • Sussex sharks
  • Nottinghamshire outlaws
  • Somerset
  • Yorkshire Vikings
  • Essex eagles
  • Lancashire lightning
  • Middlesex
  • Surrey
  • Worcestershire Rapids
  • Hampshire
  • Kent spitfires
  • Birmingham bears
  • Derbyshire falcons
  • Glamorgan
  • Gloucestershire
  • Leicestershire Foxes
  • Durham
  • Northamptonshire steel backs

All of those exciting audience out there who are cheering out or their favourite teams are looking forward to this tournament. Their excitement level is just head over heels.

T20 Blast and Betting

Since we all know that sports are an amazing fraternity as in whole, lots and lots of other parts are also very much influenced by the same. One of such ventures is online betting. Sports and betting are very much interconnected. After the advancement of technology significantly, we are living the most luxurious and comfortable part of our life.

Since cricket is one of the most popular sports that has this wide reach and impact on its audience. Bettors who are into online betting are looking fr ward to bet in such tournaments like T20 Blast. As highlighted earlier that the digital era is the biggest boon to mankind. With the invasion of such a facility, online betting has emerged into the picture. Gone were those days when you literally had to step out of the house to legit gamble. Online betting has made life so simple and easy that you can sit and home and make some good money. This article will help you understand better about T20 Blast Betting. Not only this if some of you are actually looking forward to putting your investment on the same then definitely this article will be helping you in understanding the same.

T20 Blast Betting sites

All those bettors who are planning to bet this time must be searching out for some T20 blast betting sites to play. Now to be specific most of the only betting sites that you see online needn’t necessarily has to have betting choices for T20 blast 2022.  Since we all know that this is the result of the growing popularity of T20 format and is sprung in recent years, lot of bettors who are actually trying their luck for the first time must be particular about the choices especially the betting site that you choosing to play. As we have promised pretend that this article will be guided to the beginners we will maintain the same. This is the reason why we will help you in sorting an ideal betting site by picking some of the top-notch choices that officially allows you to play and invest on T20 Blast 2022.

Now if you go on the words of the one regular punters who have been betting for quite a long time now you must be aware how all of these works. So if you are new to this, the first thing that you should do is getting yourself registered with a betting site. So to start with the let us suggest you some of the top online T20  Blast betting sites.

T20 blast betting sites


10 CRIC is known for its ultimate offers in sports betting. It is one of the leading sports betting sites that offers more than 60 sports options to bet on its site. Not only this they have some really commendable promotions and bonuses for their customers Bothe existing and new ones. If you are actually looking for a top-class betting site that can give a good start to your betting career then definitely this can be one of the top choices.


This sportsbook is again one of the top line batting sites that deals with some amazing ranges of spots on the site. It was the year of 2006 that this betting site camp into the picture. They are more known for their quick and comfort services. Be it payment methods or customer service they are just absolutely moving. Once you register yourself with the site you will notice this really amazing Level of classification of different sports and not only this their promotions and bonuses are also quite intimidating.


Dafabet is the online betting site that mainly serves Asia-pacific bettors. You will be surprised t knew that they are in the game since 004. In all of these years that have passed, they have uplifted their services and maintained themselves in this high rankings. When its sports down the line you can’t find and more optimised and easy to navigate a site like this. They offer some really hefty amount of bonuses which includes welcome bonus as well.


Among all those top sites mentioned in the list, this betting site is relatively new. By far they have established themselves among those top-class brand in online betting. You will be surprised to know that they are best knowns for the sports betting niche be it footballs or cricket. Not only this if you are someone who is looking for some good bonuses and bonanzas then definitely this one can be one of those offering some really good deals. If you are someone who is trying for the first tie the definitely your first deposit bonus itself will be that effective to convince you.


When it comes to class and ultimate services, then this betting site can be one of those mascots of your gambling career. Bet365 is known as the boss of the roll it is known as one of these tough competitors in the market. If you are looking for gem among all those stones then you are absolutely at the right place. They have specific browsers for their Indian and International punters. You can easily navigate through the site and the interface is quite easy to understand. Talking about bonuses and promotions, you find a quite decent choice to pick from in here. They are the oldest betting site that is serving globally. If you are looking for an experienced pick then definitely check this betting site for better result and you might end up winning some good money.

The purpose of online betting is making easy money in one go. Lots and lots of bettors who are looking for such options wherein they can get some good filthy cash filling pockets to sent rest of the months peacefully then definitely one of such platforms where this is possible. Before dreaming of a beautiful end a worthy start matters a lot. This is why picking an ideal betting site before making money is important so be cautious while picking your choice and make sure that whatever you go with it shouldn’t be a dreadful experience to you at the end.

T20 Blast odds

After understanding and summarising the gist of the whole till now, you must have acquired a vague knowledge about T20 blast tournament and of course betting. Till now you have understood how and where you can play for T20 blast tournament. After all of these part one most important thing that matters while betting is the betting odds. Now, most of the newbie who is taking this adventure for the first time must be wondering what is betting odds? Basically betting odds are the probability of events while betting. On the basis of this, you can actually calculate the probability of your winning which differs from tournament to tournament. So on an average, we have picked the betting odds for T20 Blast as well which are listed down below.

Betting odds for T20 Blast

  • Sussex sharks- 7.5
  • Nottinghamshire outlaws-8
  • Somerset-9
  • Yorkshire Vikings-9
  • Essex eagles-10
  • Lancashire lightning-11
  • Middlesex-11
  • Surrey-12
  • Worcestershire rapids-12
  • Hampshire -13
  • Kent spitfires-15
  • Birmingham bears-17
  • Derbyshire falcons-19
  • Glamorgan-21
  • Gloucestershire-19
  • Leicestershire foxes-34
  • Durham-34
  • Northamptonshire steel backs-34

So if you are looking for some filthy winnings then definitely make sure that you do check betting odds before proceeding. This might be a minute thing but matters a lot whenever you are placing any bet. Choosing a betting site and finding a suitable betting odds is a favourable situation on your side.

T20 Blast Teams and Records

Till now each and every aspect required for initial betting is already mentioned in this piece of writing. Now that you have mastered everything and understood how to proceed let’s give you a vivid knowledge about the past records of each team so that figuring out and choosing your rider for the mystical betting journey becomes easier. Now since 2010 career of T20 blast a lot of things have changed including the name. One thing that has remained consistent over these years was the ultimate excitement and craze for the tournaments among its fans. Since 18 teams contest for 1 title every year things have breed quite well and fascinating in the last years. So as of the records, each teams performance has improved year and year which has impacted the game too. Once you clearly analyse everything and understand the scenario you can easily choose your horse for the race and if things go right you might end up making good money.

According to the records of the team’s performances in the last year, she of the teams that look really promising with their strong performance is absolutely commendable. Both the North and south division has some of the though contenders that might be a risk to other performing teams. In North division, you have Leicestershire foxes and Northamptonshire steel backs as top performers. They have won the title consecutively 2 and 3 times.

Whereas if we talk about the southern sections and one and only team who have won the title and is counted as the most successful team in Hampshire. They are known as the most successful teams who have successfully waged strong gameplay giving some real winning goals.

The Bottom Line

Overall T20 blast can be a power pack tournament with some ultimate match to watch. The game split and passion for cricket are clearly seen in all of the 18 teams. This can be the right time to try out your hands on betting if sports is one of your preference. It isn’t that hard as it looks like all you have to do is just be at the right platform betting for the right team and that’s it all of the things will rightly fall into the place and might favour on your side. So hurry up and register yourself for t20 blast betting before this gets out of hands.

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