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4rabet casino

4raBet is a decent site for Indian players. There is however a lack of localization towards India as it is primarily a UK sportsbook but you can change to their Hindi version quite easy. You are allowed to register and play as an Indian. We have awarded them with a 3 out of 5 rating in our review for that reason.

4raBet has a long history of less than trustworthy business practices. Find out if their approach to aboveboard gaming has changed and whether you can confidently take part in games through this entity.

Our Take On 4raBet

4rabet game

4raBet is a relatively new internet casino. Although there is typically a certain appeal to try the latest online casino option, the JustGamblers experts believe that Indian gamblers should stay as far away from 4raBet as possible. This entity does not offer any type of security or reassurance that important player information is kept in safe hands and is well-known for not paying gamblers their earnings.

Although 4raBet may appear appealing to internet gamblers because of their options for live dealer games and sports betting choices, our experts believe that other live casinos are better suited for Indian players.

Is 4raBet Licensed and Certified in India?

As experts in the gambling field, one of the details that we always look out for is whether an entity goes the extra mile to ensure that their players’ personal and financial information is well protected. Casinos that go through the process of being certified and licensed demonstrate that they care about fair and safe gameplay. It is a huge red flag to us if a casino is neither licensed nor certified. In the case of 4raBet, this entity is not licensed or certified.

The representatives of 4raBet would not disclose their operating address. Typically, this is something that you can find easily either on the home page of the site or in the terms and conditions. However, this vital piece of information is mysteriously absent, which has led past players to believe that 4raBet is based in India. If this is the case, the site may be in hot water at some point because operating an internet casino that offers both games of skill and games of chance is still outlawed in the country.

When Was 4raBet Launched?

4rabet website

This online casino formally launched in 2018. Unfortunately, it does not appear that the site has gone through any upgrades or changes since its inception. The site still has limited options for account funding and has done nothing to improve the options that a player has to communicate with 4raBet customer service.

Does 4raBet Have a Good Reputation?

Multiple complaints have been lodged against 4raBet through the Indian Consumer Complaint forum. One of the leading complaints among gamblers that have risked their money at 4raBet is that they never see any of the money they “win” from the site. Countless players have lodged complaints against the entity, but as soon as the player starts to complain, their account is shut down immediately.

Another leading issue that 4raBet players have experienced with the entity is the lack of response from customer service. Although the site does offer live chat, numerous players have complained about the site’s lack of response using this format.

How Popular Is 4raBet?

4raBet is ranked 65,850 in global engagement, according to Alexa Data. In India, the entity is ranked 17,269 in internet engagement. In comparison to some of its competitors, this is a terrible ranking indicative of a subpar internet casino. Gamers tend to spend less than 10 minutes on the site.

Is 4raBet a Listed Company?

We could not find any reference of 4raBet having any stock options for their players. Our assumption, therefore, is that 4raBet is a privately owned company, although we could not confirm that through the entity.

Brands Associated with 4raBet

Currently, 4raBet is not associated with any other brands. The casino does have an affiliate program, which they refer to as 4raBet Partner. However, they do not provide you with any benefits or perks associated with the program until after you sign up. Affiliates have reported that the program is much ado about nothing.

4raBet’s Responsible Gaming Policies

4raBet does not do anything special when it comes to responsible gaming policies for their players. If a gambler feels as though their betting habits are out of control, the casino provides you with a list of ten questions that you can ask yourself to try to figure out the severity of your addiction. The only other option for responsible gaming that 4raBet offers is to close your account completely. Although the casino refers to this as a “self -exclusion,” the terms of this option indicate that a player will need to start a new account if they decide to use this option.

4raBet Withdrawals and Deposits

The withdrawal and deposit options for 4raBet are limited to choices among various e-wallets. While it is easy to set up an account for all the e-wallet options, it is still an extra step that players have to take to establish this account before you can start placing bets.

4raBet Deposit Methods

Players can add money to their 4raBet account using the following deposit methods:

Skrill Instant ₹300
Neteller Instant ₹300

How to Withdraw Your Earnings

When you would like to withdraw money from your account, you can do so in these ways:

Skrill 2 to 21 days
Neteller 2 to 21 days

4raBet Customer Support

If we could describe the customer support services of 4raBet in one word, that word would be awful. The site has only one way to contact a member of their customer service department, which is via live chat. However, these associates are anything but helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to enter a promotional code to take advantage of the initial deposit bonus?
A: No. As soon as you register for an account and make your first deposit, the bonus amount is added to your player account automatically. Our experts have not found any bonus that requires a 4raBet promo code.

Q: Is there a minimum amount of money that I would need to deposit into my account to take advantage of the initial bonus?
A: Yes. You need to deposit a minimum of 300 rupees to receive a 50-rupee bonus.

Q: Will 4raBet offer more bonuses in the future?
A: It’s unclear as to whether 4raBet will offer more bonus choices in the future. As of the date of this review, 4raBet has never offered any other type of bonus other than their initial deposit bonus.

Q: Is there a section of the 4raBet site that explains the initial deposit bonus?
A: Yes. In the top right-hand corner of the homepage, there is a green button that says, “Get a Bonus.” This table is similar to the one that our experts supplied you with further up in this review.

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