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10Cric: A Brighter Future to Betting

Whenever you look for online betting sites you come across various options offering some of the best offers and rewards you can actually look for. Of course, if you are not an expert in these you would never really make any difference among the available and opting for ideal betting sites. Lots and lots of reviews that you find online may confuse you to some extent if biased. This is why we at our platforms make sure that whatever our readers read is completely unbiased and written with complete analysis and research. In this article, we present you with a review of one finest betting site 10Cric.

10Cric is one of the biggest rollers of the betting industry. You can count it as one of the industry experts giving out some really amazing offers and promotions to all the bettors out there. It is a one-stop corner offering both casinos and sportsbooks. Those who have been associated with the site must be aware of their services and policies which have undoubtedly and them one of the top-notch sites that anyone would look for. They are established back in the year 2013 when people were just getting to know about the existence of online betting. Since then why actively served all across the globe and those happy customers are absolutely satisfied with their culture. For a clear picture regarding the same please read our take in 10Cric review wherein you will find each and every information about the betting site and till the end can realize the difference themselves.

The First Impression

Well, upon visiting the site for the first time you will see this beautiful black animated logo of 10Cric in black that will definitely catch your attention. Upon scrolling down you will see these three simple steps to register yourself with them. The main thing that might provoke you is their astounding tagline which clearly says created by the people for the people. This gives a sense of belonging to the site. 10Cric betting site is one of such big names in bookmarking that gives you multiple bets to be specific more than 2000 bet types on 60 different types of sports from all around the world. You can find top promotions and bonuses with ultimate safety and security.

10Cric cricket is one of the most popular segments in which most of the punters actually finest and play. In fact, you will be surprised to know that most of the bettors who actually for cricket betting make sure that they have picked some of the best choices among which 10Cric. One of the most important things that you will find about the site that they have 10Cric Casino and sports betting available on their site and it is perfectly sectioned on the interface. Any newbie who is visiting the site for the first time can easy easily navigate through and understand things. Overall the first impression of the site is quite intimidating and leaves a strong impact.

The Downside

Everything comes with its pros and cons. Most of the unexperienced bettors who actually try their luck fr the first miss out cons. As we have earlier said earlier that we are going to be completely unbiased with our review, we will point out some of the major missing things about the betting site. According to the 10Cric India Review, the site doesn’t have much potential in horse betting which is actually a turn off for the Indian bettors. Not only just India but if you typically analyze the betting market you will notice that horse race betting is one of the major sports to bet and maximum bettors who are looking for the same won’t be that benefited from 10cric.

Not only this, after the 10Cric Casino Review we noticed that even the options and games available on the 10Cric casino section aren’t that fascinating if compared to other competing casino sites. After the overall analysis, we have come down to our results that if these drawbacks are tackled then definitely there isn’t any other reason that you can say no to 10cric. In true spirit, they are actually made by the people and for the people which is clearly mentioned on their tagline.

10Cric Bonus

10Cric Bonus

Betting sites and bonuses are interconnected. If you are looking for an online betting site to play and then obviously selection on the basis of bonuses and promotions also matters a lot. Be it 10Cric live casino or the sports betting section bonuses and promotions available for the punters need to be so impactful and profiting that next time when they want to go for betting the first name that comes to their mind should be your site. For example if a market is selling the same product you ill obviously case the deal that best suits your budget and looks to profiting to you right? Likewise, bonuses work as deals for any betting site.

Talking about 10cic bonus policies and services they have deals that you can’t refuse to. Let’s start with a 10cric welcome bonus, now normally how big can you think of a welcome bonus to be maybe like 50% or 60 in some cases. But 10cric actually gives you a platform wherein you can claim 100% upto Rs 10,000+ 20 spins. Sounds unbelievable right but it is available. 10cric mainly focuses on Indian players and thus is why keeps no sane unturned to pamper them. Not only this they have a specific section in parts known as power odds wherein you can find boosted betting odds specifically for sports betting on the sports which is a quiet swift move to emerging sports lovers. Other available 10Cric bonus codes and some important 10Cric promo code are mentioned below-

10Cric Bonuses and Promotions

  • 100% welcome bonus upto Rs 12,000


  • 100% welcome bonus

Bonus Code – WELCOME

  • Bitcoin welcome pack upto 30mBTC

Bonus Code – BTCRIC

  • 10Cric Twitter exclusive Free Bet

Follow 10Cric on Twitter

Payments – Deposit and Withdrawal

10Cric Deposit

It is very obvious that 10Cric is by far one of the most promising betting sites starting from its user interface, multiple ranges to bet, bonuses, or promotions you name it and they have it. At times finding so many things in one platter is a tough thing. This is the reason why lots and lots of online betting sites that are still struggling for being number one of the list are still struggling only. Wherein within a short period, 10Cric has already made it on the top. One of the most crucial aspects that any betting shouldn’t really miss out from is its payment gateway.

When you are dealing with bettors worldwide, it becomes really important to give them access to multiple deposit and withdrawal methods that if they are willing to be the part of your site there shouldn’t be anything stopping them. Most of the punters who actually lose interest in most of the betting sites are maximum times because of not finding an ideal and easy to access payment method. This is why we are listing down the deposit and withdrawal methods available with 10cric so that you can get an idea and be sure if you can actually register with them if playing for the first time.

Deposit Methods

Withdrawal methods are equally important as the deposit methods because these are the services throw wc you can claim all your winnings which will get traceried directly to your bank account.

Withdrawal Methods

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • EcoPayz
  • PaysafeCard
  • credit/debit card
  • Bank transfer

All the bettors who have been regularly laying for hrs now must be having and using these services but if you are new to gambling pick your convenient method and start placing bets. All of the above-mentioned methods are completely safe and secure.

10Cric Games

10Cric Games

After covering gloms all important parts of the review one thing that just strikes you remind is where are the games and sports choices that we can play on the site right? Don’t worry we are going to elaborate all of the casino offering some really amazing offers and of course all the available spots on each you can gamble will be mentioned.

10Cric Table Games

10Cric Slots

  • Mega moolah
  • Million of dollars

10Cric Sportsbook

  • Kabaddi
  • Horse racing
  • Cricket
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Table tennis
  • Rugby

All of these are the most popular games and sports available in the site hat people actually visit 10cric. You will be surprised to know that the 10cric casino bonus code CRICLIVE gives you 150% upto Rs20,000 bonuses which is quite interesting to play. All in all the choice of games that shrives a wide range of audiences is good.

Security and Format

10Cric is registered and licensed under Curacao gaming authorities. It is also certified with SSL encryptions which ensures that any kind of security threat or leak of data isn’t available on the site and it is quite safe and secure to place bets. Any idea betting site that you find online is the best if they maintain a transparent and crystal clear relationship with their customers. With the A1 services of 10Cric, they have made sure that any player whether experienced or new first gains the turns rather than just coming and going. They believe in permanent bonds rather than temporary happiness.

Platform Availability

Unlike all those sites that have limited platforms 10cic is available on the mobile application, a direct link, and focuses on desktop. The overall performance when it comes to the desktop is the top class which is also found with the same level of excellence in the 10cric mobile app. All of these top layered site s that are successful and coined as the start of the betting universe are famous and popular because of their reach to the audience. If a betting site has multiple platforms to offer with some good up and downtime then probably they are actually worth investing.

Customer Care

1OCric is known for its response and active services. There most of the leading online betting sites have fixed time of calling and have limited medusa to contact 10Cric has 24/7 customer shrive available for their audience. You can have access to live chat, email, and phone.

10cric customer care number – 0443720828442

10cric [email protected]

The company believes in dedication toward customers and makes sure that whenever or wherever you are stuck they are there to help you. This kind of service is not really seen in most of the betting sites which is what makes them most trusted only betting sites.

The Bottom Line

Overall if all the things are considered in terms of platform availability, bonus, and promotions services they have seriously excellent services that are not commonly found in all other betting sites. As far as the flaws as are considered horse racing can be much better and simultaneously if casino games are updated they will make an excellent site preferred by the casino and sports lovers. It is worth giving a shot if you are looking for a gem rather than wasting your time on any shining stone. 10Cric is ultimately one of the brightest future of the betting industry.

Author Isha Pokhriyal

Isha Pokhriyal, a renowned content writer specializing in iGaming. With four years of experience, she has crafted articles featured in top newspapers and received multiple awards for her exceptional work.

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