Jhandi Munda

Isha Pokhriyal
April 30, 2020
Jhandi Munda Game

This wonderful piece of article is solely dedicated to beginners and of course, the pros if they’ve forgotten some Jhandi Munda tricks and tips. We’ll be discussing some facts, how to play, and tips and tricks on Jhandi Munda. So, feast your cards and eyes on this exclusive guide to Jhandi Munda. And, before you set out to get your hands dirty on deck, you’ve got know the lay of the land, so to speak, on how the game is really played. More specifically the basic Jhandi Munda rules, the objective of the gameplay, and a few protocols to follow pursuit like any other game when you’re on deck.

Jhandi Munda game

Jhandi Munda is also popularly known as “Langur Burja” in Nepal, Bhutan and

“Crown and Anchor” in many other parts of the world. The best part of playing online is that you don’t need to download or install anything. You can choose my bets, view account history i.e. the last few bets you placed, increase or decrease the bet amounts in every game round, and thus you are always in control.

Additionally, we feel that there are several other advantages playing online compared to playing Jhandi Munda on the streets —

  • You can even play at multiple tables at once.
  • You can also have the computer choose the lucky numbers for you by using the “auto pick” functionality.
  • If you want to just practice or play for fun, you can choose the demo mode with no compulsion to play for real rupees. 
  • You can choose real money gambling only when you wish to and when you are feeling lucky.
  • In an online casino, you can even chat with your fellow players or friends on the same table, even choose to congratulate them on their wins.
  • Playing from the mobile; There are no time restrictions and you don’t need to wait for the game to start on the street. 
  • You can choose your own time to play, and the best part is that too without leaving the comfort of your comfort zone and thus avoid dust, heat, pollution, noise and traffic on the streets.

Usually, We think you’d earn even more cash playing online vs. playing on the streets because normally the payouts are better in online casinos. On top of this, you don’t need to pay any additional fees to participate in the game.

Jhandi Munda Rules — On a journey to expertise

The game Jhandi Munda is very popular in the mountains, in rural areas, small cities, and big cities — just the way the Andar Bahar game is.

Note: The game Jhandi Munda is played online with six dices of six sides each.

  • You can count on your luck and skills in predicting which sides of the dice will land face-up most of the time. 
  • Just watch how the dealer shuffles the dices and perhaps also try to identify the pattern of last few falls of the dices, same way as hot or cold numbers in Indian roulette websites.
  • Jhandi Munda is a very simple game of dice. It’s played with six dices of six-side each. 
  • There are different symbols on each side of the dice represented by Heart, Spade, Diamond, Club, a Face, and a Flag.
  •  It’s just like a normal dice of Ludo where instead of numbers 1 to 6, you have six symbols instead.

Pointer: The aim of the game is to bet on which of the symbol will come face up most in a particular roll of all the six dices in a game round. You can bet with real money or just play for fun in demo mode to initially practice.

Once one or more of my bet symbols comes face up, you get paid according to the rules of the game and its pay-table as below —

  • With 1 Jhandi, you get the bet money back + x1 times of your bet money
  • With 2 Jhandi, you get the bet money back + x2 times of your bet money
  • With 3 Jhandi, you get the bet money back + x3 times of your bet money
  • With 4 Jhandi, you get the bet money back + x4 times of your bet money
  • With 5 Jhandi, you get the bet money back + x5 times of your bet money
  • With 6 Jhandi, you get the bet money back + x6 times of your bet money

For example, if 1 bet on the symbol “Heart” to come face up, and say four hearts come face up out of the six dices rolled, you get paid = initial bet money + 4x times of your bet money = total five times of your bet money. In this case, if you bet INR 100, you will get paid INR 500 in just one single roll of the dice.

How to play Jhandi Munda— An important criteria

Even though Jhandi Munda is traditionally a game of luck, we think it’s possible to improve the winning potential by observing which of the symbols are hot symbols. I.e. they come often and which of the symbols are cold symbols i.e. they don’t come often. Armed with this insight, you can judiciously choose and bet on your lucky symbols more often. Just like a lot of players do in the Chinese dice game Sic Bo.

how to play Jhandi Munda

  • You can even limit your losses, by setting up maximum loss per session or per month. 
  • Or even limits on the maximum deposits you can make. 
  • This feature, available on your casino account with allows you to play responsibly and just for enjoyment without risking your entire bankroll, or house for that sake.

Jhandi Munda Tips and Ticks — Beat the House like a pro

We’ve seen Jhandi Munda offered in several different variants. In some cases, you earning potential varies with the number of Jhandies i.e. the more symbols you get face-up, you earn more. In some other variants, you get a fixed return of x3.4 times for getting 1 or more (up to 6) symbols face up.

However, did you know that both variants, in the long run, pay out exactly the same?

Let us explain the math a little bit —

  • What is the expected value of a roll of dice with numbers 1 to 6? Well this is calculated as = (1+2+3+4+5+6) / 6 = 21 / 6 = 3.5.
  • Now the online casino returns x3.4 times for each Rupee I bet. This amounts to a return to player of = (3.4 / 3.5) * 100 % = 97.14 %.
  • Similarly, in Jhandi Munda, whenever you get 1 or more face-up symbols you bet upon, you get a return of x3.4 times.

In the other variants also where the more symbols you get face-up you earn more (i.e. for 2 symbols you get x2, for 3 symbols you get x3, etc.), it averages out to a payout of x3.4 times.

Now you can choose with confidence which variants you would like to play with the assurance that payout will be the same.

Looking for online casinos that provide Jhandi Munda? Heres a list below, and also make sure to check our reviews on online betting —

Now that rules and tricks are out of the way, how about you get your hands on the deck and show the house whose the boss! Check for more articles on etiquette and strategy of Jhandi Munda to have an upper hand before you lay the land, if so to speak!

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