IPL Betting Sites: A Guide To Beginners

Isha Pokhriyal
August 19, 2020
ipl betting sites

In India cricket is celebrated as big as a festival. It wouldn’t be wrong if we quote it as a season within itself. One such humungous event of cricket is the Indian premier league also known as IPL. Indian premier league is one of the biggest tournaments that we witness year. Without any doubt, we can say that the fans of cricket are absolutely insane this for this particular series of six weeks that they wait for round the year.

IPL happens to be one of such event of the year wherein you can see this heart throbbing excitement among players and audience at the same level. If you typically analyze everything and see the graph IPL happens to be the first platform wherein international and national players embedded in a single team and compete. This perfectly summarises the statement ‘Divided by countries united by passion’.

ipl betting sites

IPL is a delight to the viewers sitting home and watching it as well as to the punters who find betting as one of the medius to be a part of the game indirectly. When we are talking about a product like IPL, how can we neglect the India online betting sites and Indian bettors? Keeping this thing in mind we have designed and an extensive article covering all aspects regarding IPL betting.

In this article you will mainly find the following content mentioned below:

• IPL Teams

• IPL 2020

• Online Betting and IPL

• Best IPL Betting Sites

• How to bet Online on IPL

• What are the available betting options

One thing that you will surely notice that betting adventures have somehow managed to give you extras of action of the game, not only this IPL betting sites have made it much more power pack experiences through which you can actually make some real money. The service has actually elevated a level of getting access to bigger and better betting options online with a great course of dynamism included.

IPL Teams

Like every year this too the core teams are the same. However, we might see some of the changes in the lineup. So the existing teams of IPL 2020 13th edition are –

  • Chennai super kings
  • Kings XI Punjab
  • Kolkata Knight Riders
  • Mumbai Indians
  • Rajasthan Royals
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore
  • Delhi Capitals
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad

Since we know that this year because of the jeopardization of COVID-19 things aren’t the same. We are hosting this tournament any from our land. As the newly appointed BCCI head ex-cricketer, Sourav Ganguly has promised safety and security, things will have a different approach this time. You won’t be seeing or be hearing any whistles things might look depressing this time but the sportsman spirit and passion for the sport have made it happen. The tournament which was getting almost canceled is back to the pavilion again. This clearly shows that situation may change or get worse but it won’t stop you.

IPL 2020

Unlike every year, this year the sports fraternity has seen its worse phase because of the dangerous pandemic. Not only just sports but the whole world has shred tears for the loss and the serious consequences that we have passed and still facing. Cricket enthusiasts were literally heartbroken after the outbreak cancellation of leagues back to back. Not just IPL but all bug tournaments like Olympics got canceled one by one in a row. Now since we have caught our breath back and things are back in pace, the situation is getting better now. Seeing these evident changes and progressive graphs of the last months we are resuming our businesses.

According to the latest updates confirmed the IPL 2020 is resuming back too. As confirmed by the sources India is going to host its 13th edition of IPL in the United Arab Emirates(UAE). The dates as per the announcement are scheduled as of now is for September 19. This happens to be the most interesting news for all those fans out there, the ones who rated to sit home and watch with popcorn and also the betting punters. So through this article let’s address all those betting punters out there who are looking forward to investing their money this time in the upcoming IPL 2020.

Online Betting and IPL

With the revolution of the technological era, things have changed drastically. Gone were those days when you literally have to struggle for everything moving out from your comfort zone. As the technology now has made everything so easy and to the point, one of such technological boon that the humans are in touch with is online betting.

Online betting is exploding as one of the successful and most profitable businesses currently. More than anything else sports have a brand value in the universe of online betting. You will be amused to know that India is the biggest hub of betting. The maximum betting revenues are generated from here. Sports like cricket and events like IPL has taken this the level.

Earlier were the times when betting was actually considered illegal in our country, which is pretty much there now but having a loose hole to hold. This is the reason why gaming is now a state affair which has some really minute repercussions. With the official licensing of IPL betting though Dream 11 things are much better in shape now. This is why our on this event is much more important to those audiences who are looking forward to investing this year on online betting.

Best IPL Betting Sites

You see online betting is a vicious circle altogether. A lot of things are actually there to handle and understand before just jumping into anything random and ruining your first experience. As this is a guide to beginners and we completely understand how hectic can it get at times when you search for ideal IPL betting sites. This is the reason why we are suggesting some top-class online betting sites that might interest in betting. Not only this the moment you browse these you will get this real and guaranteed to assure with complete privacy and safety. All of them are licensed with concerned authorities and are legally regulated as well.

Before jumping into suggestions lest try to understand what are the parameters of judgment for any ideal online betting site. Now if you go and ask any experienced punter ho is very much regular into this you will certainly understand what are those key points that you should look for choosing a betting site. All those pointers are bonuses, events, banking methods, and events. These are some betting terms that you will get to know more while you start playing.

On the basis of this the top ideology we have found out top 5 IPL betting sites with some guaranteed rewards, astounding bonuses, and promotions. All you can do in here is just getting registered and bang on you are all set for a mystic journey ahead.

Top 5 Best IPL Betting Sites

Any of the above-mentioned sites will surely make your first experience probably the best ones. With some amazing bonuses and probably assured safety with maintained privacy they have made sure that any of the bidders who visits them shouldn’t go disappointed.so if you are looking for some ravishing betting odds for IPL and you might’ve made your decision yet, for which one to go with this can be some of the best picks.

How To Bet Online On IPL

It sounds really tempting and exciting when we hear or see our favourite IPL team or player on holdings, ads on our devices right? Now just imagine yourself putting on them to win, wherein if they win, you don’t just get happy in return but can some good hefty cash as well. Now you must be wondering that process itself must be too difficult and technical to go through right? But then it just as easy as eating a piece of cake if you have a decent knowledge of the game and good at predicting the outcomes.

Now all those new bettors who are just trying their luck for the first time, must be thinking what if they aren’t that sound in predicting? Relax, we got you. If you go online and search for IPL prediction you will see a lot of options popping on your screen, with the help of these you can seek some help and understand the game. Once you understand the game and the gameplay with result predictions you are all set to play and earn.

After acquiring the knowledge of the game lets understand how can you bet online on IPL. Steps are easily simple and easy to process. As promised at the start, this article will completely act as a guide to beginners, we will explain the three simpler steps to bet online on IPL.

Steps to bet online on IPL

  • Choose any betting site, and get yourself registered by completing the initial process.
  • Chose your country and currency for example INR for India.
  • As soon as you click on deposit options, you can find various deposit methods acceptable on the site, chose according to your convenience, and proceed.
  • After going though all of these circles and formalities you can choose your betting odds and place the bet, that’s it you are all set to bet on IPL.

We are pretty sure that after understanding and processing these steps you must have convinced yourself of betting for IPL. Technically there aren’t many of reasons to turn down such profitable deal. So overall this is how you can bet online and make money sitting right at home in your comfort zone.

What are the available betting options?

As we have already covered the important aspects of IPL 2020, you must have acquired basic knowledge about online IPL betting, you are all set to roll in some good cash. Moving on two the most crucial part of IPL betting is sorting out the types or you can say the options on which you can actually bet. Betting options are basically the classification or categories now which you can invest and win. Every sport has its own kind of betting option, you have to make a choice between and accordingly invest.

As our point of discussion is IPL let’s find out the betting options available to bet on. So every online betting site that you see offers you some limited options to bet on. So the available options to bet are listed below.

Betting options for IPL

  • Live Betting
  • Match winner
  • Total runs
  • Total four/sixes
  • Top batsman
  • Top bowler
  • Total wickets
  • Player performance
  • Man of the match
  • Winner of the coin toss
  • Total ducks
  • Total maidens

So if you go through past records you will see it for yourself that the matches that the public gets to see in stadium his full of actions. The hustle of cheerleaders, their pom-pom in the air gives out those best feels of winning. No doubt we all know that cricket in India isn’t just any sort but its altogether a feeling. No matter how hard you try but you just can’t stop yourself being hooked on to the television.

Like every year this year teams will contest for that beautiful golden plated trophy. No doubt the IPL teams and its players are perfectly divided among the audience, each one has their own favourite. As this year the fun of sitting in a stadium and hooting for the victory of your favourite isn’t possible but you will definitely not miss out on the fun. Thanks to the broadcasting media and big-hearted networks like Jio who are actually taking care of uninterrupted streaming rightly delivering to its audience isn’t that interesting? Hell yes.

So get excited for the roller coaster adventure waiting ahead, we are going to witness the biggest tournament of cricket this too. IPL 2020 be the biggest success is the only thing that you could pray for right now because after all those risks and pressure that our cricket fraternity is going would be worth watching on screen this year.

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