How to Find Top Casino Sites? 

Isha Pokhriyal
May 20, 2020
Casino Sites

Casino Sites

There are so many Casino sites available in India. Every new-year, we see a different website with some modern functions. With every single week, biggest software providers release new game. Players can select more than 1000 online casinos.

Being a player, choosing the right casino sits is the tough task. To verify the best casino, you should focus about the important parameters we here you can understand the quality of the casino sites. 

It includes like accepting players from the country you live in and the licence or reputation of the game. We provide you the best information about the casino sites. We tell you about the available games, transaction options, security features, customer support, bonus and offers, supported language and FAQs. 

  • Countries restriction is the first thing and clear one thing for sure that casino accepts players from a country where you live in. Many countries are restricted because few countries ban online casinos from operating in their territory and few countries don’t offer licence in their territories. If you are from such a country, then you have to find a suitable option where you’re allowed to play. You can also find a option where Casio allow you to play and in case of winning, you can get the proof of your residence. They will invoke this on their terms & conditions. We will also suggest you to clarify directly from the customer support where you can ask about the formalities. 
  • To find out the credibility of the casino sites, you need to find out about its regulation and license policy. There are many documented cases where online casinos have directly cheated the players.The most common cheating practices are:
  1. The casino refuses to pay out the winnings fairly won by a player:
  2. The casino marks the win as a software error and will not accept the player’s entitlement to it. The casino tries to push the player into accepting a compensation of 10-20% of the original win.
  3. The casino makes a payout condition to play further.
  4. The casino introduces unreasonably low withdrawal limits that prevent the withdrawal of a larger win.
  5. The casino, for no reason, delays withdrawals (for weeks or even months). The casino endlessly repeats verification of the player’s identity to stall.
  6. The casino justifies not paying out legitimate winnings in other ways.
  7. The casino offers manipulated unlicensed games with a much lower payout ratio. The games are often a faithful copy of favourite games made by honest game developers, basically indistinguishable from the original.
  8. The casino often uses a clause about bonus abuse. The casino marks every player, who converts a bonus into real money, as a bonus abuser and cancels all the bonus money.

Best Casino Sites

If you find that any casino acts on any website, don’t register there. 

  • Each and every online casino is operated from some country or territory with the law and jurisdiction. Licences are issued either by the state that wants to regulate and tax the online gambling of its own or by jurisdictions that want to allow casinos to do international business such as Malta, Curaçao, Gibraltar, etc.

You can directly turn to the regulator who issued the license to the casino, if casino refuses to pay you your winnings. In case of a conflict with a casino licensed by some of these authorities, you have a chance of obtaining justice.

  • What if you win a huge amount of money in a small casino and you don’t get that amount?  in such scenario, you need to make it complaint under the regulation and the law of gambling set by a government or authority where you live. 
  • Before playing at the new or small casino, find out the financial strength of the casino. Suppose, If you win a large amount and the casino does not pay you off, then it will be a big mental trauma for you. 
  • You should always check the withdrawal limits of the particular website. Our expert team shows you the withdrawal limits of every casino in our reviews.
  • We break down the Terms and Conditions and tell our users that what kind of offers website offer on first deposit or will you get free bets or not. We cover wagering requirements, qualifying attributes and offer you the best possible information.
  • Market choice is important when you place new bet or you are confuse between different sites. We have the best details about the important point son betting and casinos which help you in place a wager.
  • The number of mobile users is increasing in betting market. You will get the details of the best online betting sites in the UK. We provide what kind of information, you will get through smartphones. The navigation process is quick or not and how it’s different from the desktop version. In current time, the leading online betting sites will have mobile optimised websites and apps that allow you bet with one or two clicks.
  • Some casinos offer to translate their site into as many languages as possible. If you are not able to speak English, a support like this can be a big plus for you. Remember, translated website and terms & conditions will help you to understand the rules of a casino.
  • You should also see the condition of casino’s customer support. Customer support will include a 24/7 live chat and other function such as mail, phone service or social media. Check out that how quick they are. Sometime people ask their questions on the given mail ID and then wait three days for an answer. If they try a phone number you are not able to get through. We provide you the best details about the customer support.
  • The first impression is the last impression and this sentence is true in case of casino. If you get the smooth navigation and the pretty functioning website then you would try that casino for sure. If you find it poor, then you would surely avoid the further registration. The web design of a casino is the important part. 
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