Cricket Betting Tips 2020

Isha Pokhriyal
April 30, 2020
Cricket Betting Tips

Our expert team analyse the all-important aspects of the game to make your bet better and favourable to winning the condition. From the toss, squads, team combination to the pitch report, team statics, and betting odds, BetPaa provides every important information regarding the cricket betting. Our expert team has an accurate prediction on each and every cricket tournament including all major cricket leagues in the world. We cover international cricket matches in all three formats – Test, ODI, and T20I. We have special overage on betting including the ICC event such as Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cup, Test Championship, and Champions Trophy.

Cricket Betting Tips

Our predictions are 100% accurate and you’ll know the reason how we got it right because our expert team has some solid reasons as they pick each aspect of the match.

Our target is to help you to earn a good amount of money from our predictions. We have featured proper knowledge about the sport and the best odds about cricket betting. Our Analysis depends on the game’s current mood and the player’s availability. The line-up put at the last moment and we try to figure out the best combination. In this scenario, we create the best possibility to win a good amount in the betting.

If you’re looking for the best prediction for cricket betting then BetPaa is the best platform for you with the most accurate possibility. You’re at the right place and not just beginners, but also the professional punters can make the good use of your knowledge.

For the professional punters, we have the best statics of the players and their current form. How the batsman is performing on a slow track and on a bouncy track. How he faces the problem with the new ball or how the pacer of the opposition is getting help with the new ball in overcast conditions. BetPaa expert team has the best version of the player’s statics according to the surface and the weather. This scenario makes our betting predictions more strong and accurate.

On a few occasions, we predict the game and its result before the toss but the toss changes everything. On each and every betting site, punter gets enough time to clear all his doubts and make a winning combination.

Cricket predictions are the only betting prediction that works on the weather and on the surface. These two factors set an impact on the result of the game. The toss becomes a major fact but for the teams not the punters. We just change our whole combination according to the toss but the team can’t. Our expert will give you the two best combinations for betting to make your combination clear right after the toss.

Cricket Bet Winning Tips

We cover various cricket matches in our betting section in a single day. As we’re seeing that most of the fantasy sites and the other betting sites are covering regional matches such as Ranji Trophy, Syed Mushtaq Ali, TNPL, Royal London Cup, National T20 Cup, Australian ODD, Super 50 Cup, etc.

If we talk about the leagues, we’re giving you the prediction on these cricket leagues such as Indian Premier League, Big Bash League, Women’s Big Bash, Kia Super League, Tamil Nadu Premier League, Karnataka Premier League, Bangladesh Premier League, Pakistan Super League, Super Smash, Carribean Premier League, The Hundred, T10 Cricket League, Global T20 Canada, T20 Blast, and Mzansi Super League.

It means our team is not leaving a single cricket match and a single cricket league across the world. BetPaa guarantee you to give cricket lovers the most accurate cricket predictions and all predictions are free.

Now there is a big question that why you should trust BetPaa so we have the answers for your all hidden answers.

We’re not the ideal betting site it we give you the exact figure of our success that BetPaa’s 85% predictions are accurate and 80% of users ended up as winners. Our expert team has better experience in cricket betting and in the field of betting, they have followed each and every cricket match in last 2-3 years. Our team has the best knowledge of this game and BetPaa provides the most possible winning predictions. Our success rate is better and confirmed by our users who used our predictions.

Well, our success rate is right up there with the best of the business due to the fact that the experts we use to produce cricket tips are so experienced in this growing area of betting.

How our Cricket Betting Predictions are created at BetPaa?

Our expert team works on a particular match and they pick some random factors on predictions. Here we go:

Pitch Report:

Pitch factor is important in cricket betting. As per the surface, our expert team decides what would be the predicted score.

If surface has a good bounce then pacers would take the advantage and if it’s overcast conditions then this conditions will suit left-arm pacers.

On slow surfaces, it will suit the spinners and sometimes, we figure out wrist spinners will take advantage or not. With pitch report, our expert team creates a suitable combination for the betting.

In the batting department, you can choose here that who will struggle against the spin or against the new ball so the BetPaa helps you to find out the best batting combination according to the track.

Importance of the toss:

Toss is also important factor and sometimes it changes your whole mathematics. You need the formation of the teams as per the condition. Your best batsmen are batting first but they gonna face pacers who’re used to the conditions with the new ball so you would try to go with the bowlers and you would pick batmen from the second innings as the surface will get better for the betting. If spinners are in command in middle then your choices would be based on the spinners from the team.

Scoring bets:

Conditions will again decide your bets. If you want to place the bets then you would surely prefer the idea of best possible scenario. Like you’re predicting the power play score then you would see that what is the average power play score at this surface and what’s the current condition.

Has team made any changes in the eleven or they tried a new hitter in top-order? Our expert team tries to figure out what would be the ideal power play score. On a batting surface, you would go between 50-60 or on a bowling track, you would pick 35-40. Each bet depends on the idea of the pitch and the team’s top-order.

Same thing happens in the flag overs and you can predict it smartly. Our expert team finalise the possible scenarios in the last 5 overs.

How many wickets they have in hand and who will bowl the final overs or what’s his figure? There are so many possibilities to reach out at the best odds. We clear all the confusion and give our users the best bets on this situation.

Player’s statics:

We shall understand it with both batting and bowling’s point of view. Suppose a player is good against the pace and the track is hard so you would definitely place good bat on him. For an example, Rohit Sharma is good against the pace then it’s easy to pick him. On the other side, the facts will play important role as how the batsman has good chances on particular surface. Some batsmen suffer against left-arm pacer and few face problem against wrist spinners. Power play gives the authority to take risks so the picking a top-order batsman will help you.

Bowler’s point of view is pretty similar. In sub continent, spinners take advantage and they pick right areas to trouble the batsmen. In such situations, you would definitely go with the spinners. Statics will also help you to figure out everything.

Format of the game:

Format of the game like T20I, ODI and Test also makes difference in cricket betting. You make different strategy for the different format. We summaries this point in all three formats of cricket.

  • In Test format, the betting is bit boring and you pick random facts as per the session of the day. The numbers are crucial here and you create that impact with the right person. One bet on a player can help you to win big. The pitch conditions take part in the betting but not much.

If you’re betting on Ashes, then you would surely go with Smith and Warner but the odds would be different. You would surely go with one player who will create some difference. You went for Wade or Lyon and somehow one scores a ton or picks 5-wickets haul, then it’s a big win for you.

  • In ODI, you need to figure out the circumstances as per the surface. A team is scoring 300 on a batting track then definitely you would go with the top-order in the chase but you would also try one player in middle order to make your bet strong. On a batting surface, picking a bowler for the betting is not a good idea.
  • T20’s betting is way different. We’re including both international and league cricket. In this game, sometime you bet on a player who doesn’t get much batting due to lack of the overs or sometimes, he faces less balls. Picking bowlers in T20 is based on the situation.

Power play also offer you good amount of competition as most of the punters pick top-order batsmen but you need a differential player and with this point, you can place a bet with winning odds.

Death overs are crucial in this stage where batsmen try to hit every ball and the bowlers create opportunity with wickets. It’s pretty simple to figure out who will bowl in 18, 19 and 20. It’s a risky affair but a worthy betting tip.

Injury and the playing eleven:

Injury update is important so our site provides the daily news from cricket across the world. If the player is missing from the game and the update is missing then we provide the best update that who is sitting and who is playing. It happens mostly in domestic cricket games going on in Australia, South Africa or other countries. Our experts try to provide you best updates on the injury updates and the playing XI.

Our expert team provides the update from all the major global events happening in the world such as IPL, Big Bash, World Cup, and other international cricket tournaments. We have a good variety in analyzing the game comparing to other sites. Our expert team is filled with some amazing cricket lovers whose passion is just talking and writing about this game.

What makes us better than others?

Let us tell you in few points and give you more reasons to trust us and tell you why we are better than others.

  • Most accurate predictions: Accuracy comes from the technical data and the details of the game. Our expert’s accuracy depends on the best data we have and the best analysis we do on cricket.
  • Best tips from the cricket experts: Not just our expert team, but also our cricket experts from the other sites helps our clients to pitch the best version of our analysis. They work on the game’s analytics and the stats.
  • Give you the most important data for betting:  There is a lot of cricket data available on the internet but some data are important for betting and we provide such important data for our punters. Who is good against pace and the average scoring rate or what numbers wrist spinners have on such surfaces or against a left-hander? These data convince the user to place their bets and it comes out in a winning cause.
  • Figure out the best possible way in the game: We suggest you the best survival option during the game when you’re in trouble. The differential player creates a big impact at that moment and our expert team help you to provide the most possible bets and on half occasions, we just not survive, we end up as a winner.

Our expert team aim to offer our clients the best analysis of the World’s most popular league, Indian Premier League. We have worked for professional bunted as well to figure out the best betting options.

We have also picked the top cricket betting sites in India to help Indian players to have the best experience in betting. Indian market has been changed in gambling with a lot of betting sites such as Bet365,  Unibet or Bodog. Few sites allow Indian currencies so we have covered all the aspects while working on this system. You can go through the page and pick your favourite betting site.

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