Best Cricket Betting Sites in India

Isha Pokhriyal
April 30, 2020
Cricket Betting Sites

Cricket and emotion in India go hand in hand, though it is not the national sports of India, but Cricket is an emotion that bounds everyone under the same roof of love for sports. Cricket is hands down the most popular sport in the country, and yes, the world too. Defining cricket as a sport in India is multi-dimensional of emotions clustered at the stadium, or tied to their favourite cricketer. And we won’t shy away to say it, cricket in India is a religion, followed in positivity. Like, we’ve mentioned it already, it truly something every Indian truly experiences as an emotion which cannot be expressed by words but felt. And it is not just the sport that people go gaga over, but also the players; they hold a significant respect spot in everyone’s heart. Just how football is to Brazil, just that way, cricket is to India — a pure madness of love for sports.

Cricket Betting Sites in India

Moments of success, joy, and immense pride has what cricket has given to the country of diversity. Given the reach of the sport in the country, unlike any other sports, cricket is one of the most popular sports which has been used to spin money like a share market. Betting on cricket in India may not be very common on a professional level, but it does exist. Some of the websites that provide the best betting experience in the field of cricket will be mentioned in this article.

Cricket Betting Sites in India

There are uncountable betting sites available to Indian players, and not just Indian centric audience but also for players around the world. But, which site gives you the best cricket betting experience is the question. So, before proceeding to write this article, we did our bit of research on all Indian bookmakers in order to present you with a list of best online cricket betting sites in India. We would also like to add this, the article may seem a bit Indian centric but rest assured the article justifies for those in general who take a keen interest in cricket betting as a whole.

Here’s our top pick of best cricket betting sites in India —

  • Betway: Very beginner-friendly cricket betting site
  • LeoVegas: Modern and mobile cricket betting platform
  • Bet365: World’s biggest selection of cricket games
  • 22Bet: Enormous cricket betting selection
  • Bodog: Great betting odds on offer
  • 1xBet: Provides tons of betting promotions
  • BetWinner: Best Live betting platform in India
  • ComeOn: Incredible betting promotions available

Here are a few mentions of other sites as well —

Although the cricket betting sites listed above are our top picks, be sure to check out bookmakers that offer better offers, and experience on cricket betting. However, these are personally selected cricket betting sites hand-picked for our Indian players. You may choose a different site because it works better for you, and that is totally fine.

Think Before You Pick

Since all cricket betting websites provide different features and betting experience, here are some of the considerations that you need to take before choosing a website to place your bets —

  • Welcome Offers

When you’re out there choosing the best cricket betting site in India, remember to always check the “Welcome Bonus” section for sure. It’s important because if you’re about to invest money in cricket betting might as well expect something in return of that deposit because betting sites offer interesting welcome bonus offers. So, be sure to check every site before making a deposit without acknowledging other betting sites. For more information, surely check our betting site reviews for in-depth detail on welcome bonuses from all betting sites we’ve covered so far. Remember these offers maximize the returns on the amount invested in placing the bets.

Getting the best welcome bonus is essential when choosing a cricket betting site. Because a good cricket betting website offers anywhere between INR 2500 to 10,000. For example, Betway offers up to INR 2500 bonus and Bet365 offers up to INR 10,000 bonus!

  • Know Your Cricket Betting Markets

You know the drill, in a day there could be a T20 match or even the ICC Test series in one damn day. So, obviously there are often several cricket matches that take place throughout the day. One for women, and for men individually; imagine the level of matches being hosted in a day — mind blown. For each and every match there are plenty betting markets with their own predicted odds. It is essential to choose a website that offers you the maximum possible markets to bid more, win more. The more cricket matches that are available, the more options you will have.

  • Dig for more info: Best Cricket Odds

You want that profit out of cricket betting, come on we both know that. So, when it comes to making a profit on betting, it all comes down to how high odds you get at the end of the day. A cricket betting site offering tough competitive odds increases your chances of winning or even taking a higher amount from your winnings. The best way to enhance your odds is to join a betting site that offers the best odds. You can also sign up for multiple online bookies. In case you are dissatisfied with the odds on a specific cricket match, you can immediately switch to the one offering better odds.

A pro tip from us: Getting the best odds is essential when betting on cricket! If you genuinely wish to take massive capital gains, it is essential to analyze the odds before placing a bet. From the bookmakers we analyzed, we found that Betway offers the best cricket betting odds on the market.

  • Remember there’s a commission charged on Cricket Betting

Much like brick and mortar casinos charge a commission on all the bets placed, online bookmakers charge a small percentage as a commission as well. Any individual looking to place a bet must ensure that the website charges the least possible commission and this enables the individual to take a greater share of the winnings back home.

  • The HotSpot Cricket Live Betting

We’d like to add this section as an important aspect of choosing a cricket betting site. Betting live gives you a better chance of taking full advantage of fluctuating odds. This practice of betting while the match is in progress amidst fluctuating odds is known as Live Betting. You must choose a website that offers live betting with a quick response time to ensure that your bet is locked at the optimal time.

  • Even Better: Cricket Live Streaming

If you consider live betting on cricket then this should totally be under the hood, take our word for it you should want to make the most out of it. Pro-tip in between the article, you should stream the match while betting. What are the odds if you ask, nothing but you’ll be pre-notified of the scores during the match. This will only allow you to place bets immediately, as soon as you see a particular opportunity in the game. Many of the bookmakers that allow players to bid in on-going matches also make the provision for the live match to be streamed in a small window of their game interface. This enables the player to watch the match and predict how he would like to bet next.

Fact Check: The best cricket betting sites offer free live streaming of cricket matches to all players. This saves the user the trouble of having to find a TV in a remote area or in a crunch situation. With the issue of gambling legal issues arising in the subcontinent, most of the websites may not have live streaming of the cricket match, but if you manage to find one that does, you make sure that you do not lose the opportunity. Bet365 is one of the betting sites that offer the widest range of live streaming opportunities.

  • Mobile Cricket Betting

With the advancement of the technological revolution and benchmark of “Digital India Jio initiation with Modi Government” in India. We can proudly say, every Indian owns a smartphone. With the development of technology, most of the essential tools of our day to day life have moved to the mobile phone, right from the calculator to the flashlight. With the increasing usage of mobiles, in our everyday life, cricket betting on a mobile device is increasing rapidly. Thanks to IPL, the millions following IPL really want to just bet. IPL is a thunderstorm business tool in the cricket fraternity.

We’ve come across a decent platform that allows cricketing betting facility on mobiles, but let’s be real — nothing can really beat Dream11 as a whole. They’ve really outperformed them when it comes to cricket betting on mobile. And the features to look for are quick betting, good odds, and great user interface. All you need is a smartphone with a stable internet connection. Therefore, you should go for a website that has a mobile app and allows you to place bets from your smartphone itself.

  • The User Interface

Do you remember the last time you had to close a web page just because the interface was too uncomfortable and cringy to lay eyes on? A weird colour combination, probably sloppy layout or even a slow webpage loading would do the trick to tick you off, and that’s how you’ll land to some other website. A slow and sloppy website always puts users off. But in the case of online betting sites, a quick and easy user interface is really important cause real money is involved.

Pro Tip: Pick a modern betting site, so you won’t get stuck with a slow loading page! Imagine trying to place a bet while the site takes forever to load. Scores change within seconds. This makes a flawless user interface all the more important for cricket betting sites. Thus, select bookies that are responsive and easy to use. The design should be professional, yet simple for a newbie to understand.

  • Impeccable Customer Support

The best cricket betting sites are always transparent and open about their terms and conditions of usage. If you read something that sounds too good to believe, it probably is! Their regulatory status should be out on the table for the customers to identify the online bookmaker’s credibility.

The customer support team should be able to provide precise answers to the queries instead of beating around the bush with extra questions. They should be at players’ constant beck and call to provide the necessary assistance as and when required. A professional customer support system is essential to help new users carry out transactions and prevent the loss of money.

Pro Tip: Always read their terms and conditions, some things are must read before you go on with it — especially when money is involved.

  • Security Check

The first thing you should look for when signing up to an online bookmaker is an SSL certificate. A site with SSL enabled indicates that it uses high-end encryption techniques to protect user data. Since players are providing sensitive information, it is essential to stay aware of the security features.

Fact Check: The chances of identity theft are also high in cricket betting websites that don’t have an SSL certificate enabled.

  • Easy Signing Up

The drill is, if FaceBook or Snapchat didn’t have an easy signup option — they wouldn’t be billion-dollar companies. Look, it’s the reality, the millennials prefer everything quick and easy. The convenience is of the utmost importance to attract users, if betting sites put out a tough signing up method, trust us — you’d be gone before their second landing page. So, yes! Easy Signing Up is very important, and cricket betting sites should have one too.

So, what exactly does this ‘easy sign up’ process do? This involves you providing your Name, Date of Birth, a username, a password, and a few details about your preferences and so forth.

Fact Check: The entire process should not take more than 5-10 minutes and any website that takes a long time must be avoided at all costs.


And we finally reached the bottom of the article, hope you’ve read through with interest and found something useful. And, for an extra bit of fact check — the cricket betting sites in India are getting popular and the market is futile. We’ve tried to provide all the information regarding cricket betting websites in India to you. So, what are your views on this? If you have any doubts or need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Here are some more facts!

  • The first cricket match was played in India in 1864 between Madras and Calcutta
  • Although cricket is not the national sport, it is the most popular sport in India by far.
  • More than 400 million people tune in to watch when the national team is playing an important game
  • India won the cricket world cup for the first time in 1983, then again in 2011
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