Andar Bahar

Isha Pokhriyal
April 30, 2020
Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a kind of card game that is basically started in South India. Mostly this game is popular in India and it was established in this country. This game is also famous for its other name “Karti” and it’s one of the traditional Indian gambling games. This game’s function is pretty simple just like a normal game. Indians play this game anywhere. Usually, in South India, people had played this game during the lunch break while sitting under a tree or in a parking lot. They play this game during the train or bus journey. We can call this offline Andar Bahar. 

Andar Bahar card game

Now let’s come on an online version of this game. The process of online game is similar and easy. Online Andar Bahar is divided into two categories: 

  • Live Andar Bahar
  • Video Andar Bahar

Live Andar Bahar

In Live Andar Bahar, you meet a dealer in the game who chats with you. If you’re favorable to the condition then this game is for you. This live Andar Bahar version is interesting. The dealer is a live human who is dealing the cards to you and you can stream this in Full-HD in real-time.

You can place your bet through the interface of the online casino from your device of choice, at a place of your choice. You can get other functions as well like you can have chat with the dealer and the other players.

Video Andar Bahar

Video Andar Bahar game is basically in 2D and this is an old version. In this category, you play against a computer. You can pick this version if you think that the dealer option is suspicious for you. 

This video version is controlled by cheat-proof software that is transparent and the game is animated in 2 or 3D and you will only be playing against the software. There is no possibility to chat with others. There are no other functions in this video game. 

Well, if we compare both versions then most of the users pick live dealer option, means Live Andar Bahar version because it’s convenient and the user gets the best experience of the game. It feels interesting and user-friendly. Video Andar Bahar is also a cool stuff and some users prefer this version. 


The requirement option to play this game is only a good speed Internet. Good speed is requirable if you’re playing live Andar Bahar version. 

Payment Methods 

There are various payment methods to play Andar Bahar with cash:

  • Paying & withdrawing with Paytm or Google Pay.
  • E-Wallets like MuchBetter or Skrill.
  • Bank transfers with IMPS or UPI.
  • Or just using your VISA/Mastercard.

This game is the user-friendly and easy version for beginners that you can be an expert in just -9 minutes. If you have a good eye on cards and some luck then you can grab some big amount. 

The best thing about playing Andar Bahar online is that you can go for it at the leisure of your time. As we mentioned earlier how South Indian players play this game during their journey time or lunch breaks. Just start the game and you will be used to the functions of this game. 

Where can I play Andar Bahar for money?

The process of playing this game is simple and easy to learn. You will get all the dealers standing at the tables with beige felt. This service is owned by the gaming software Super Spade Games. There are game providers as well who have different features.

There are so many websites that provide the best gaming experience. 

To play this game, you will just need to register on the account on the website. Put your complete details like name, mail-ID, and phone number. Try to figure out that your details are matching with your Aadhaar Card. They will ask a copy of your ID if you win something on their website. After finishing the registration process, add some amount to your account which is usually a minimum amount of ₹250. 

Winning potential and payout

There is a winning potential and payout system in this game. As per the rules if the chosen card appears on the side where the first drawn card was dealt the payout is 90% and if it falls on the other side the payout is 100%.

Bet (INR) Card appears on the same side as first drawn card Card appears on the other side than the first drawn card
100 190 200
500 950 1000
1000 1900 2000
2000 3800 4000
5000 9500 10000

Placing bets on Andar Bahar 

If you’re playing Andar Bahar online game then you have to follow the minimum and maximum wager that can be placed to participate. The minimum amount is as low as ₹ 10 and the maximum amount which can be as high as ₹10,000. 

You can pick the game or a live Casio table as per your budget limit. You will get the different variants of this game. Once the lead card has been displayed, you will be instructed to “Place your bets, please.” Now, it’s time to choose Andar or Bahar as your prediction and place your wager. 

Types of Andar Bahar games

how to play Andar Bahar

As we talked earlier that this game has so many variants from different software developers, in this section we’ll tell you the type of Andar Bahar games: 

All casino games are owned by software companies that have their own graphical framework, technology for making bets, and visions for how it should feel to play Andar Bahar online.

Here, we have picked four popular software developers of this game: 


Live Andar Bahar from Ezugi software developer is pretty interesting. Ezugi is a highly reputed game developer which has one variation of the game simply called “Andar Bahar”.

In Ezugis games, you can place a bet between ₹50 and one lakh. The game is only available in the live version where you will see a human dealer sitting at the table. You can change the language of the interface in the game between English and Hindi. 

Ezugi also allows you to hire dealers to their games and their cutting-edge technology. They are the first who introduced the feature ‘Side Bet Feature’ to the game.

You can play Ezugis Andar Bahar at different European gambling sites as well as on Indian casino sites as well. 

Super Spade Games

Live Andar Bahar from Super Spade Games software developer will give you quite similar but a different game perspective. Super Spade Gaming is completely a game developer for Indian players. They were the first developer who offers Live Andar Bahar to online casinos. You can place bets between ₹50 and 2 lakhs in their version. 

They have two versions in this game: 

      • NC Andar Bahar – the normal version of Live Andar Bahar against a dealer with 30 seconds bet intervals.
      • Speed Andar Bahar – a fast-paced version of NC, with 15 seconds bet intervals. 

X-Pro Gaming

X-Pro Gaming or XPG is a Live Casino software provider and they have some amazing functions specially the beautiful Live Andar Bahar dealers. They have one version of Andar Bahar with live dealers and their betting levels range from ₹50 to 10,000.


Video Andar Bahar from OneTouch software developer mostly focuses on 2D or 3D animated casino games. You can play Andar Bahar on a computer. This software developer has some quality graphics to make your experience better.

Andar Bahar FAQ 

Is it legal to play Andar Bahar?

Legality of any gambling game is the first thing for users. Andar Bahar is fully legal in India and you can go through the current gambling laws of India. 

Can you cheat at Andar Bahar?

No. It’s not possible to cheat at Andar Bahar in an online casino. 

Is Andar Bahar available in different languages?

Yes, you can change the language of the game to Hindi and this service is specially for Indian players. 

Can I change the dealer’s language in Hindi? 

No. No card dealers speak Hindi as of today.

Can I play Andar Bahar for free?

Well, this game has set the minimum and maximum bet price such as the lowest prices is ₹ 10. It now depends on the casino websites. Few websites provide the virtual money function to play this game.

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