5 Real Money Online Casino Games in India

Isha Pokhriyal
May 20, 2020
Online Casino Games in India

In India, Sports betting is popular and there are so many websites that are creating competition in the gambling market. India is the biggest hub for them. As a user, you face that problem that where should you go? It all depends on the choice and your preference of the games. 

You can find more than hundred casino games which are operated in India from different software developers. You have to pay some sort of amount to play these games and you can understand it by calling real money games. These games provide you the opportunity to win the big amount. Our expert teams have reviewed all the top popular games and gave you the best details about the game including the tips and tricks. 

Let’s focus on some popular trends in casino games and pick some favourite casino games in India. Here, we created a list of top 5 real money online casino games in India for you. 



You cannot complete any casino games list without Roulette. This game is the most popular casino game in the world. Most of the users have played this game once if they have explored casino games. You can play roulette in a live online casino with a real dealer. You get the chance to play American and European versions of the game which are available in India. 

You can place different bets on this game. You can try multiple bets to increase your winning chances and to win big amount in Roulette, this is the best tip. 

Teen Patti 

Teen Patti

This game is pretty simple and it starts with the dealing the cards by one player and cards are dealt clockwise.

Teen Patti is also a version of British game 3 Card Brag. 52 cards pack is used in the order from ace to two means high to low. The game might be played between 4-7 players. You should remember the basics of the game as you need to focus on minimum stake which is called one unit. Every player places the minimum stake in the pot (amount in the centre of the table). The entire amount will be won by one of the players. 

Now the dealer will deal out the cards one by one until each player has three cards which is the basic theme of the game. The players bet on who has the best 3-card hand. Player gets the option to see at their 3-card hand before betting, this process is called seen. The player has other option as he can leave their cards face down on the table and this process is called blind

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar

The process of playing this game is simple and easy to learn. You will get all the dealers standing at the tables with beige felt. This service is owned by the gaming software Super Spade Games. There are game providers as well who have different features. This game is the user-friendly and easy version for beginners that you can be an expert in just -9 minutes. If you have a good eye on cards and some luck then you can grab some big amount. 

The best thing about playing Andar Bahar online is that you can go for it at the leisure of your time. As we mentioned earlier how South Indian players play this game during their journey time or lunch breaks. Just start the game and you will be used to the functions of this game

There are so many websites which provide the best gaming experience.  To play this game, you will just need to register on the account on the website. You can place your bet through the interface of the online casino from your device of choice, at a place of your choice. You can get other functions as well like you can have chat with the dealer and the other players.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo

The chances to learn this game is pretty high. It is not beginner friendly but after few practices, you may be an expert of this game. If you are fully aware of the Roulette table layout, then you can understand this game easily. It’s a bit complicated but you should give it a try once. It involves betting on specific dice outcomes. 

When you’re playing Sic Bio then you can place multiple bets at once. You gets chance to bet on up to 16 areas per one roll. This is the best way to win multiple bets but in this process, the winning percentage is low. You will lose so many bets here. You have to check out the payout system and play smartly. 

Try to place most bets on big or small area because you get the best odds and the smallest house edge. Explore other casino betting options to make a big payout


Blackjack Online Casino Games

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games not just in India even in the world. There are numerous variations of the game with different software developers. If we talk about the game, the rules are pretty simple. You play against the dealer, and you get dealt two cards. Your target is to keep the total of your cards under or precisely at 21. Your dealer has the same purpose as well. 

When you get these two cards, you can decide whether you want to stand or ask for a hit. The dealer will deal a card for himself irrespective of your choice. Now, the game is in final process that whoever is closest to 21 wins the round. 

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